From Principal's Desk

Sr. Jessy Thekkan, Principal
Sr. Jessy Thekkan,

“I’m only a spark, make me a fire,
I’m only a string, make me a lyre.”

Amado Nervo

Every milestone achieved must be mapped by the above attitudes. “God gives every bird its food, but he doesn’t throw it in its nest” is a popular proverb, meaning that God provides, but one must still work hard. He does not unearth the good that the earth contains, but he puts in our way, and gives us the means of getting it ourselves.

Character is built upon the hard work. It’s a classic motivating method, used by parents, teachers and employers to deal with the objections that arise when we’re presented with tough or time-consuming tasks. Consider a time when you had to work hard, either at work place, school or home. Would you rather be without that experience? Most of us can probably think of examples when we gained from the experience of hard work. There may be other times that seemed less beneficial or even damaging. In the right context, hard work can develop resilience, persistence, stamina and a sense of responsibility. These are all characteristics that can give us an advantage in our work and personal life and make us feel good about ourselves.