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    Eco Club

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Eco is all about helping the environment and keeping the world clean. But is this world clean??

NO!! Not at all!! This is all because of activities made by mankind which has directly or indirectly affected the environment in many ways.

Our school every year organizes “Van Mahotsav Week” and the main objective of celebrating this Van Mahotsav week is to spread the awareness among the people as much we can, So that the people may be concerned towards the environment. Now-a-days, people are not at all thinking of the environment and the harm they are causing to it! They don’t care what’s the damage happening to it and what will be its consequences!! They are just running their works and jobs and looking forward for the development at the cost of environment.

Being student, if we will take the initiative then automatically the way will be formed by others to follow us. Its our duty to make our campus clean and tidy. For that, we all must throw the garbage into the dustbin, we must see that fans and lights are turned off during the recess. Also the plastic bags must be banned. Then only our school may be called as green and clean!!

During Van Mahotsav week, there were various competitions and programs held at our school..

On 7.23.2011 (Saturday) - Plantation Program at Nearby Village Named Sukhari
On 7.25.2011 (Monday) - Speech Presentation
On 7.26.2011 (Tuesday) - Poem Recitation
On 7.27.2011 (Wednesday) - Skit Presentation
On 7.28.2011 (Thursday) - Make Best Out Of Waste Competition
On 7.29.2011 (Friday) - Drawing Competition

Even during this period, the notice boards were decorated green!! The topic being “Van Mahotsav”, each class decorated their notice boards in the best way. The Environmental Pledge also was included in the morning assembly, which is implemented on every Monday!

The aims are much more. The list of things to be accomplished by the eco club in future needs volumes!

Teacher In charges

  • Miss Jessy Abraham
  • Sir Ashish Agrawal
  • Sir Rajendra Prasad
  • Miss Annmery Xalxo
  • Sir Silas Ekkas
  • Miss Pratima Rai
  • Miss Vineet Kaur
  • Miss Harpreet Kaur
  • Sir Bhakti Tirkey
  • Miss Rashmit Kaur
  • Miss Nishaba
  • Miss Rupender Kaur

The Leaders of Eco-Club Of Our School….

  • President – Happy Goyal
  • Vice President – Priya Dwiwedi
  • Secretary – Diksha Dwiwedi
  • Joint Secretary – Abhay

Plantation Program By Eco-Club

Date: 23/07/11 Venue: Bankipur,Surguja (C.G.)

The Eco-Club of our school initiates various types of programs for the rapid enhancement of the environment. The Eco-Club is not only concerned about the school campus, but also the far off places. So a Plantation Program is held every year which includes the plantation of trees at a targeted region. This year, the venue selected for plantation was Bankipur. A small village in District of Surguja (Chhattisgarh).

The students, along with teacher in charges, set out from school at 9 a.m. and within an hour, we were at the plantation site. The buses dropped us at the starting of the village. We walked and got to the place where the saplings of plants were kept ready for us to be planted. We were guided by the locales of the village to the plantation site where the locales had already dug the ground for us to plant the saplings. We were taught the technique of planting those saplings by the people there. We all carefully planted them. The site was bald! Without much trees around. These small saplings would surely help the environment there to improve. Each member of the club seemed to be very active and delightful while planting them. The joy of bringing back the lost soul of earth could be very clearly seen on one’s face. Thereafter, we had our lunch there in the beautiful shade of a nearby mountain. The picturesque scene of the clouds shading the high hill surrounded by a lake to its right was extremely beautiful. You should surely check out the Eco-Club album to have a look to the beauty of nature prevailing there. After having our lunch, we rested there for some time.

The next section of the program included cultural activities. The interested students of the club performed the things of their choice. Many came up with good songs.

Finally, the time of our returning arrived. The Eco-Club representative thanked the locales there and the manager of this plantation for helping out to organize this program. We walked back to the bus-stop with lightsome faces. The buses arrived shortly and we were back to the school by 3 p.m.

The experience, as a whole, was fantastic. One cannot get the true feeling of this experience reading the descriptions of the trip. It’s all beyond description. So, do plant trees, and keep yourself aside from environment harming activities and do all that you can, to help out the people preserving the nature!!

Thank You!!!


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