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    Mission Statement

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Our mission is to form young men and women of good character who will distinguish themselves by their academic excellence, sound moral and spiritual values. A strong individual with holistic growth in their intellectual, emotional, physical and aesthetic abilities. They will commit themselves for the transformation of the present day social condition and contribute towards building a just and eco friendly human society, where the values found in the gospels and of the Indian constitution will prevail.

A great sage Patanjali said “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and powerful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Purpose is the most powerful motivator in the world. Way back in 1967 The Holy cross sisters were inspired by a great purpose, an extraordinary project of igniting the lives of the students in the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh thus to make them persons of competence,, conscience, conviction, compassion and commitment and to be useful for the family, society, country and the world at large. Forty three years have passed, still it is continuing with the same mission with much vigor, enthusiasm and vitality.

It is astonishing how the world makes way for a resolute soul, and how obstacles get out of the path of a determined man who believes in himself. Self confidence marshal’s one’s faculties and twists their united strength into one mighty achievement cable. It carries conviction and make other people believe in us. An unwavering belief in oneself destroys the greatest enemies of achievement- fear, doubt and vacillation. Be sure success will never rise higher than your confidence in yourself. You cannot succeed while doubting oneself and thinking thoughts of failure. There is no philosophy by which a man can do a thing when he thinks he can’t.

In September 1862 Abraham Lincoln issued his preliminary emancipation, he made this entry in his diary “I promised my God and I will do it “Does anyone doubt that such mighty resolution added power to this marvelous man, or that it nerved him to accomplish what he had undertaken? Neither ridicule nor caricature- neither dread of enemies nor desertion of friends-could shake his indomitable faith in his ability to lead the nation through the greatest struggle in its history. Benjamin Disraeli, once a despised Jew did not quail or lose heart when the hisses and jeers of the British parliament rang in his ears. He sat amid jeering members, saying “ you will yet hear me.” He felt within him then the confidence of power that made him Prime minister of England, and turned hisses and sneers into admiration and applause. Much of President Roosevelt’s success has been due to his colossal self confidence, as Napoleon believed in Napoleon.

A person can never be successful if he puts himself in an atmosphere of failure and remains there until he is soaked and saturated with the idea. How can a person be successful if he depreciates himself, talks failure, walks failure, thinks failure and dresses failure, who always complains of the insurmountable difficulties and circumstances? So long as you carry around a failure atmosphere, radiate doubts and discouragement you will be a failure. Men who have left their mark on the world have often been implicit followers of their faith when they could see no light, and their faith has led them through the wilderness of doubt and hardship into the promised land. Our faith puts us in touch with the infinite, opens the way to unbounded possibilities and limitless power.

Fill your mind with an optimistic picture of achievement. This will scatter the specters of doubt and fear and send a power through you,which will transform you into an achiever. No matter how poor you are, stoutly deny the power of adversity or poverty to keep you down. Believe in yourself, feel that you are to dominate your surrounding. Resolve that you will be the master not the slave of circumstances. Thoughts are forces, and constant affirmation of one’s inherent right and power to succeed will change inhospitable conditions and unkind environment to favorable ones. If you resolve upon success with energy you will soon create a success atmosphere and things will come your way. You can make a success magnet. An acorn is destined to become an oak.

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