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    From Principal's Desk

“I’m only a spark, make me a fire,
I’m only a string, make me a lyre.”
—Amado Nervo

Every milestone achieved must be mapped by the above attitudes. “God gives every bird its food, but he doesn’t throw it in its nest” is a popular proverb, meaning that God provides, but one must still work hard. He does not unearth the good that the earth contains, but he puts in our way, and gives us the means of getting it ourselves.

Character is built upon the hard work. It’s a classic motivating method, used by parents, teachers and employers to deal with the objections that arise when we’re presented with tough or time-consuming tasks. Consider a time when you had to work hard, either at work place, school or home. Would you rather be without that experience? Most of us can probably think of examples when we gained from the experience of hard work. There may be other times that seemed less beneficial or even damaging. In the right context, hard work can develop resilience, persistence, stamina and a sense of responsibility. These are all characteristics that can give us an advantage in our work and personal life and make us feel good about ourselves.

With the intrinsic benefits, as well as external achievements, that are gained through hard work, cultivating a habit of working hard could be one of the most valuable things we do for ourselves or others. Though hard work doesn’t always get the reward it deserves, it doesn’t mean working hard and putting in the effort is a waste of time and energy. The key is to decide wisely what we choose to work hard at and how we choose to do it.

Holy Cross Convent Sr. Sec. School, Ambikapur is an esteemed school and with a well-respected history of providing exceptional educational outcomes and opportunities for gifted and talented young boys and girls.

We strongly believe that every child who studies in our school has a gift to learn and understand with the medium of free-thinking of knowledge and it is in our hands to shape and teach the young minds with wisdom and thoughtfulness so that they can be confident with head high ready to face this competitive world.

Classrooms of today have become Centre for collaborative and comprehensive learning that would enhance the growth curve and prepare the students for challenging their roles in the coming years of their future. Our staff who are the educators of our school has always taken a step to learn and re-learn any area of study to remain contemporary by filling the gaps that is needed in phases of educational learning. So, the teachers work tirelessly to update and upgrade educational skills and techniques which become a means for the students to experience and understand their subjects, so that they can apprehend their overall study which in turn helps them to enter in to the world of opportunities. Therefore, students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and ethical life-long learners.

As the Principal of this esteemed school, I perceive that the value-based education has life skills that weave its very curriculum that comes as a need of the hour. It is my strong faith that team efforts, role of a Guru and healthy parent-teacher relation give a path that leads towards a bright and opportunistic future; and the success of every child is entrusted in our hands and care. Our expectations will be to consistently make sure that parents are aware of their child’s progress, and answer any question or concern they have at any time. This form of two-way monitoring will help ensure the success of our students’ education and well-being.

The success of our students is the pride to our school. Thus, I conclude my words with the words of Albert Einstein - “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the life-long attempt to acquire it.” May God be praised, honored and glorified through the life of our children and of our own.

Sr. Jessy Thekkan


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