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    Recommendations to Parents

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  1. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities by observing regularities and discipline of the school and taking active and helpful interest in the school activities.
  2. Parents are understood to have entrusted the teachers/ headmistress/ Principal with the authority to correct and punish their ward at their reasonable discretion.
  3. Parents are expected to sign school diary, progress report and any other documents when requested.
  4. Parents are requested to meet the class teacher on specific days with regard to their child progress in studies.
  5. Parents should notify the school of any change in the address.
  6. Parents are recommended to look into their ward's school diary regularly and countersign remark made on it.
  7. Parents are take care that their ward does the home work daily, and come prepared for the class, test and examination.
  8. They are requested to send their children school in time in full uniform which is neat and clean.
  9. School doesn't hold the responsibility of the goods lost from the students.
  10. Fine will be levied from the students for the damage caused to the school property or they will have to make good any damage done. They also will be dealt severely for the same.
  11. School authorities believe that regular attendance, alertness in class, regular performance of home tasks, being thoroughly prepared for the class every day and revising what is taught in the class are sufficient to ensure student's progress. So private tuitions are regarded as unnecessary, though not harmful and it discouraged private tuitions tend to confuse the students and even mislead them and encourage them to be inattentive in the class.
  12. Parents/visitors are not allowed to meet their wards and teachers in their respective class during class hours. It is strictly forbidden to sent relatives or any other person to fetch their ward during school hours.
  13. Parents are requested to pay all the fees in time.
  14. Encourage your ward to participates in all the activities of the school which will help in the development of their personality.
  15. As the child advances in age, guide them to become useful members of the family, society and country. Encourage self-help for work and study. Teach them to be responsible for all the choices they make. They should keep their house and room neat and tidy, make their own bed, polish their shoes wash and iron their cloths, in preparing food etc. Formation of such habits early in life instill in them the idea of dignity of work which is necessary for a successful career in life.

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